Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's up mussycat?

Woa, woa, woa. What's up mussycat? Woa, woa, woa. Cameron has moved on from "I'm so happy" to "what's up mussycat" (can't say the "p" yet). And Noah has now joined in with "woa, woa, woa." Just too funny for words. I will admit I am thrilled my little guys are now singing. They LOVE to sing. Almost as much as they love to read books these days. We have a few books that are full of songs and they will dig one out and bring it to you and say "sing." I guess for most parents this would just be a cute thing they do. But for this mom with a long history of singing it makes me so happy! Praying at least one of them loves to sing throughout their lives.

So do you call this a drive in? I thought it was too funny not to take a picture of a while back. And why don't they have drive ins any more? I would have loved to have gone to at least one in my life time.

Must stop eating Jelly Bellies and go to bed early. Been wiped out every day this week. Think I am fighting of something myself now that the boys are better. That or I am playing catch up on sleep from them being sick. Or both. Who knows!

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