Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's my party....

And well come to think of it, I did cry today. Out of relief. I found a lump in Cameron's neck over the weekend and took him in today to have it checked out. They believe it is just an infection in his lymph node, actually he has 3 lumps. So a stronger antibiotic and hopefully that will fix all for now. He is such a little trooper and in his normal Cameron style was so very good while they drew blood. She even had to stick him twice! I just was amazed at how good he took it. Mommy on the other hand was a puddle of mush by the time we made it home. I just wanted to scream at them to stop hurting my baby when they were trying to find his vain for the blood. But he, as usual, managed it with style and grace. Can you learn that from a 2 year old? So here is a picture of him getting ready to go this morning. He wanted his mittens and hat on as soon as I pulled them out of the closet. He said it was brr, brr chilly. :)

So I made cookies yesterday and the boys had fun eating them after dinner tonight. Noah decided he wanted to eat the chocolate chips off.

He of course had a nice chocolate face when all was said and done.

Cameron on the other hand decided he just liked the whole cookie today. Which was funny because yesterday after they "helped" me make cookies he only wanted to eat the chocolate chips and wouldn't touch the cookies when they were all done.

But you can see the little bandage on his hand where they took blood today. It had cars and trucks on it and he refused to let us take it off until he got in the bathtub and it got wet. Very funny.

It was a wonderful day and M made me the most awesome birthday dinner and the boys sat and ate dinner with us and we had a great time. Ahh...just the best birthday I've had in a long time. The simple pleasures that make it so. For instance, hearing my 2 year old twins tell me Happy Birthday Mommy. If that isn't something to make a mommy's heart melt I don't know what is. They are just the best, and I am very blessed!


mommyjill said...

Happy birthday LA! Sorry I had great intentions of telling you happy birthday earlier, but this week has been full of 3 am parties in my son's room and 4 am requests to go swing- so I have been a little off the past several days. Glad you had a good birthday with your boys- love ya Jill

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry about the upsetting part about, but it sounds like it got MUCH better. You have a wonderful family.


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