Monday, March 9, 2009

What a wonderful day. We went this morning and played at a friend's house. Just a perfect way to spend the day. Then they boys helped me do some cleaning and watched some cartoons before settling down for their nap. Well, settle isn't a good word for it. Noah is not napping, just playing in his crib and giggling away. That's okay, it doesn't seem to bother him so I am not sweating it. If he is tired he will nap and he isn't screaming so I am okay with ;)

We had a break through this weekend...or at least I am hoping we did. My kiddos don't eat sandwiches. Of any kind. It's frustrating because it sure would be nice to hand them a sandwich for lunch instead of having hot meals each and every day. Now don't get me wrong, I am a fan of hot meals but when you have to pack them a lunch from time to time it gets tough. At least one of them ate a peanut butter sandwich this weekend! I made them and them cut them into cute little bite sized shapes with some cookie cutters. It was a hit! Cameron of course didn't eat them but I wasn't sure if he just wasn't hungry or was turning his nose up at the peanut butter. We'll just keep on trying from time to time and maybe we will eventually have success with both of them. A gal can hope. :)


Controlling My Chaos said...

I was in that same boat until my girls were close to 4. I finally got them to eat a peanut butter sandwich by shaking some chocolate sprinkle on the peanut butter. It's bribery, yes, but it worked. To this day, they still eat peanut butter and sprinkle sandwiches.

Mel @ Studio MCA Designs said...

Cute pics in the previous post! My boy still does not eat sandwiches or much bread at all. I learned to pack rolled deli slices (he does not eat cheese either but with cheese would be good, if they like it), fruit, and crackers, chips, or animal cookies. This is still his staple lunch. He has always had major texture issues too. He is verbally apraxic, which includes some SID. His main issues involve sound and touch(texture). It also involved years of speech and occupational therapy. I think all of these issues played into his shyness and on-going separation anxiety. From early on, I think he sensed that others would not understand him. We have adapted along the way, and most people never realize that he is not a "normal/typical" kid (if there is such a thing). This is probably way more info than you wanted in reference to eating sandwiches! ;)


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