Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ER visit

Man, just when you think it is going smoothly. Bam. Sunday morning at about 3:00 am both of the boys woke crying. Cameron went back to sleep pretty quickly after some Motrin for fever. Noah on the other hand never went back to sleep. He cried off and on for nearly 6 hours before I finally called the doctor on call. He has been fussy but not just crying like this since he was a tiny baby. By this point his cough was sounding croupish. While speaking with the doctor on the phone he coughed and she mentioned it sounded like croup. I finally had him settled down and quiet for he first time that day. So she said if anything happened before noon he would need to go to the ER since all the urgent care places didn't open until noon. Okay, fine I thought...he has settled down finally, we should be okay.

Around 10:20ish or so he was crying again and sounding bad so I took him up to my bathroom to run the shower for the steam. Cameron came with us and he was also crying and just acting like he didn't feel well or something. So we were in the bathroom and Cameron was acting okay, nothing out of the ordinary I thought. He was beating on the hamper like it was a drum and Noah wasn't liking the noise. So I asked him to stop. While sitting there on the floor I noticed his whole body was shaking. At first I thought it was just my imagination. Surely he wasn't shaking. So I kept watching him and after this went on again I held him and he was shaking and I noticed his hands were freezing and turning purple/blue. I came so very close to calling 911 at that very moment. I kept asking him to shake his hands to try and get some circulation going again. All the while my mind was racing. So I threw some clothes on and away we went.

We arrived at the ER and waited nearly 2 hours to be seen. Although they did the preliminary exam and all and his hands had their color and temperature back. Noah had to have a chest X-ray which went surprisingly well. When she said they were going to do an X-ray I had visions of when he was just 10 days old and me having to hold him screaming for them to do several X-rays. I cringed. He did fantastic! They let him sit in a little chair and he did great. He hadn't slept in like 10 or 11 hours by this point nor eaten anything since the night before. I couldn't believe how amazingly well they both did during this whole ordeal.

So when it came down to Cameron has a very bad ear infection and they think that is what is causing the fevers. Noah has an ear infection also along with croup. So it has been a very crazy week in our house. They are both doing okay. Still worried about Cameron. His fever came back last night and he had a low one this afternoon. So will more than likely be headed back to the doctor tomorrow if he has another one tonight or in the morning. He is on antibiotics so I would think that would take care of the fever. Maybe I am wrong but when I called to make the follow up appointment and mentioned it to the nurse she said he shouldn't still be having a fever. So please keep my little guys in your prayers! This has been one tough winter for us with them getting sick. I just want them to feel better again! Hate to see my little guys in pain.


Margaret said...

Oh, dear, you must be so WORRIED. I will hope for much better health for them. Take care of yourself too--they need their mommy in top form.

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh my heavens! I will definitely be keeping ALL of you in my prayers...please keep us updated! You must have been terrified this morning...hang in there!

Pam said...

So sorry about all the illnesses! Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.Chat with you soon.

Michelle said...

Gosh, sick times two would be really stressful! I would have been scared too. I know I used to be terrified when Sky had his croup episodes. We were lucky not to have to deal with ear infections, though.


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