Sunday, September 19, 2010

Should I?

I am seriously itching to do this.  Seriously.  Like I am becoming obsessed with it since so many people out there in blogger land are doing it.  I keep trying to peek under my carpet on the stairs and after seeing this post I am seriously, seriously thinking the time may have come for me to just rip it up and see what is underneath.  Have I ever mentioned how much I have come to HATE carpet.  I truly have come to despise the stuff.  Love area rugs but am hating wall to wall stuff. 

After having spent so much time on the floor with the boys these last 3 years I have seriously come to despise this stuff.  One of the things I was really hoping when we found out we would be moving again was that we would be able to find a place without any carpet.  Obviously didn't happen.  And to make matters worse we got that same shag Frieze carpet they are doing now...everywhere.  I mean I can't get away from the stuff!  And the people who owned this  house before us had 4 of them. 


Margaret said...

We have some hardwood, but mainly carpet. I like both. Carpet is softer and warmer and easier to vacuum. Hardwood is pretty. My brother has it on his stairs though and hates it. It's very slippery and his 4 year old has fallen several times.

Michelle said...

I absolutely hate carpet. I'd want to do the same thing. I just hope you find a pleasant surprise, as there may not be quality wood or could be other problems. I ended up having to put new carpet in Sage's room because I ripped up the old (nasty!) stuff and found linoleum that had melted onto the floor from an old house fire. :-( I'm sure you'll have better luck, though.

One WAS fun sliding down the carpeted stairs on my butt as a kid... ;-)


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