Thursday, September 2, 2010

First day of school 2010...

Noah had his first day of school today and Cameron last week. I can't believe how big they are getting! I was looking through some pictures last night from their very first day just two years ago when they went to "school." Wow have they changed SO, SO much!

With the boys both off to school this morning I thought I was giong to get so much done. NOT. Well, I did get a lot done but not looking like much around the house. I took the doors off the hinges for our laundry area. This was driving me INSANE! To have three doors in that tiny of a space was a crime. I dreaded doing laundry just because I didn't want to fight with the doors!

I also did some serious planning on where pieces of funriture need to go, took some measurements to see if they were going to fit where I wanted them to go and then did some more planning. Most worked, one would not based on measuring. Blah! Will need hubby to help me move the furniture. Too many bug pieces to move around and my body just can't take it anymore.

We have discovered two cracks in two different rooms along the ceiling. So took some pictures to document that and also had to do some pictures of the boys' mattresses (possibly having them replaced by the company). Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of a white ceiling? Especially with a zoom lense? I know, I know, I should have switched the lens out but it takes so much better photos than my other one. Must get a new every day lens! So, after contorting my bosy in all kinds of ways while laying on the floor to attempt to get decent photos for future documentation I think I finally have a few that will work. Lovely.

The only thing I did today that actually showed any physical evidence was laundry, moving some things from the dining room that need to be gone through and either put away or taken care of and changing sheets on beds. Ugh! Pitiful display.

So why is this bothering me? I think just having the house is such a state of disarray has really been bothering us all. It makes me feel tense and like I just don't want to be here at the house. So maybe that is why I have been wanting to work on the yard so escape. But I am determined that now that I will have a few hours a couple days a week I am GOING to get this done. It may take me the next six months but I will get this house back to being presentable and comfortable again. And my latest plan involves possibly sticking everything in one room and uncovering a little each and every day. Just so the rest of the house is peaceful again. Sound like a crazy plan? Am I going to hate myself later for doing this?

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Margaret said...

I would be stressed too--I don't like chaos!! I'm glad that school is going well for the boys so far and hope it continues. Just take it a step at a time; it'll get done!!


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