Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just random rambling

I got brave today. I took the boys to a little Italian place for lunch...all by myself. Nothing to distract them, just a cozy little mom and pop place. And they did great! After that I decided to push my luck with a trip to Home Depot...their rooms need ceiling fans and I wanted them to be part of the process in picking them out. I had found these really cute ones there and had to get them while they still had 2 in stock! Will have to post a photo after we get them in, they are pretty cool for little ones.

Unpacking is coming along VERY SLOWLY! I can't even find my iron yet. Sigh. We will get there...I think it is just wearing on us all. Ready to have a life again. Beginning to feel like I have done nothing for 2010 but get ready to move...and it's already August!

Trying to get the boys situated with a new preschool. Praying the school system here is faster than what they have been so far. Just need to know what their schedule will be and what we are looking at because once again Noah will be in the public school system more than likely and Cameron will be in a private preschool. Still kicking myself every time I think about this and how wonderful the set up was going to be in Indy. I know, I know...don't look back. But the unknown is KILLING me on this. My poor little guys have been through enough...I just want to protect them and prepare them as best I can...they need this right now.

I think I may have found a way to get some pictures off my camera for the time being. Woo-hoo! Will have to try another day though...I'm beat and heading to bed!


LauraC said...

Let me know if you need anything!! Or even just a break from packing!

Margaret said...

You're staying there, so you have all the time in the world to unpack! I would be whining like crazy about all the moving!! Good for the boys for their grown up restaurant behavior. I hope the school situation gets resolved soon!


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