Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweet Slumber

Well, Noah finally gave up the ghost. Over an hour after I put them down for their nap he finally fell asleep. With much protesting I might add today. I guess the last time I went in there he took me seriously when I ignored his efforts to get me to pick him up with his sleepy head self. He is so tired and yet wants so much to stay awake. Silly boy.

This is another layout I did the other day at the crop. It was nice to finally get some pages done as it seems to have been ages since I had. I used Colie's new kit, Sweet Slumber, and have fallen in love with it! Now I just have two more pages to finish up I had started that day and I will have finished six pages total in the last week. Woo-hoo!

I love this picture of the boys. When they were around three or four months old I would put them to bed each night and in the morning I would wake to find them with their little heads together. They did this for about a month until we actually had to put them each in their own cribs. They were getting too big and were moving around too much and beginning to disturb each other. Man, it always melted my heart to wake to this site. They are just so precious and this is one of those photos that brings that flood of memories back of these special moments in time.


Margaret said...

That is adorable!! They look like they're joined at the head.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Love the layout.


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