Friday, August 26, 2011

This has been one tough week.  Although come to think of it not nearly as bad as a few weeks ago so in a strange sort of  way I am very thankful.  The boys are just so out of sorts and CRANKY these days.  Which means I am out of sorts and cranky these days.  I just feel at my witts end half the time and so ready for the routine of school to begin. But that thought also scares me when I think of how it is going to turn our lives upside down for a while. 

My big fear right now is that Cameron is going to have the same reaction he did a year ago when we moved here and started a new school.  We met his new teachers the other day and I have to admit I have this sinking feeling.  Praying I am so wrong about this but I wasn't impressed.  And then after while we were eating lunch he said he didn't like his new class.  My heart sank.  Thankfully I noticed one of his buddies from his old class was listed on the calendar so told him his friend was going to be in the class as well.  So far that is all he has talked about.  No other excitement and I can see from his face and actions he is really unsure.  Oh man I pray this isn't a repeat of what happened last year!


Margaret said...

I hope it works out better than you anticipate, although I am someone who trusts my gut reaction. In that case, better have a contingency plan.

Cathy said...

I got great vibes from his Team when i met them last year, but nothing when I met his teacher alone, until I spent some time with her in a meeting. Now I'm impressed. And we're 3 weeks in, and I really love her. Give her some time. She was probably not at her best with everything yet. Praying it works out.


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