Monday, June 6, 2011

Rocking and rolling

Wow...what a fun filled weekend!  We had a picnic for a group I am in on Saturday and that was a fun time.  Kept the boys busy and us out enjoying the sunshine and awesome weather.  Then yesterday we took the boys to see Sesame Street Live!  They really enjoyed it.  I had to crack up at some of the comments the boys made.  At one point Noah turned to me and said very excited, "Elmo is real!"  He was just in awe which cracked me up.  The funny part to me is my kids haven't really been big Elmo fans or anything like that.  But that and Oscar the Grouch were the two they were most excited about seeing.

So I finally heard back from the school this afternoon.  They are allowing me to leave Noah at the school he is currently attending for next school year.  I am SO thankful!  They did put the stipluation that I have to provide transportation because it is not the school that is closest to us but I already take him and pick him up as it is.  No biggie to me!

This is Noah's last week of school for the year.  So we are starting to try and make the shift to summer routines, etc.  Oh my...summer is not fun for me.  The boys get so out of whack when their routine is changed and this has been a hard one for them the last 2 years (since they started any kind of "school").  I just keep praying this summer will be better but Cameron has been out the last 2 weeksand I have to say it hasn't been easy.  Hopefully he will level out just in time for me to deal with Noah going through it!

Tonight as I was putting the boys to bed, Noah was so very chatty.  Which is not the norm for him.  He kept telling me he wanted me to tell him a story using my mouth.  We had been talking about his day and so I didn't really catch what he was telling me.  When I sat up to read a book to him he told me, "No, tell me a story with your mouth!"  I finally figured out he wanted me to make up a story for him.  Well, I started off and he kept telling me no, and would start making up the story for me.  It was the cutest thing ever!  That kid has an imagination...just wish he would talk more!

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Margaret said...

That is VERY good news about Noah! I'm so glad. Summer is difficult with the changed routines; you have to make up ones of your own. We used to have a pretty strict(although)flexible one in the summer. My girls got to have input in it which they enjoyed.


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