Monday, October 19, 2009

Things the boys said today that made me crack up: We were driving along and I noticed Noah's head down like he may be asleep so I said, "Noah are you awake?" His response..."No." Then later in the afternoon shortly after Cameron's meltdown (or maybe it was during), I said "Everything for you has been so tragic today." To which Cameron exclaimed in a tearful voice, "I am not tragic!" I had to walk away from the car (I was putting him in his car seat at the time) because I was laughing so hard and he was crying. I didn't want him to see me laughing at what he had said.

I can't get over the fact the boys will be three in just two months. It still shocks me every time I think about it.

I was sick for for a few days and still not back to 100%, although I am so thankful to be feeling better! I was reading a blog last night (and I wish I could remember which one) but it mentioned that as a twin parent you often find yourself asking the "What if" and the "If only" questions a lot when you have multiples.

I have found myself asking this a lot the last almost 3 years and have felt much guilt over this. The author went on to say that instead of asking yourself these questions why not count your blessings. Instead of asking "If only I had one baby I could spend so much more time with just them and life would be so much easier because we would have just one to deal with." Why not say "How exciting our life is because we have two beautiful children to share this life with and they have each other."

So today, in the midst of all the craziness I found myself really and truly enjoying my children and playing with them. The housework could wait, heck, everything else could wait. I wanted to savour that moment and truly study my children in these sheer moments of happiness. Oh my what a difference it made in my day. Now I just have to think about this every day and remind myself how truly blessed I am to have twins. I have always lived by the philosophy (He never gives you anything you can't handle" but I will say these last three years have been very trying in so many different ways. Ways I never imagined. I guess that is called growing.


mommyjill said...

I understand what you mean about stopping to really enjoy the kids....with Lucas I have to reel myself in often and stop tring to play therapist or to get him to talk or engage with me more, and just enjoy him. I look at him all the time and imagine how he will look 20 years from now- but for now I cherish his sweet smile, his showers of kisses and his wonderful laugh and not worry so much about the other stuff.

Margaret said...

It's hard to be appreciative when you're stressed and tired--but I know that twins love being twins. It's just harder on the parents! :)

Michelle said...

One kid at a time was so difficult for me that I can't even imagine twins. Hilarious stuff they are saying! I remember something similar with Sage, only I used the words, "Drama Queen."

The Myers Family said...

That is a GREAT way of looking at things...esp on those days when you feel like everything is just not going the way you planned! :>) I'm going to have to try that..probably tomorrow! LOL!

Thanks for commenting on my blog..that is SOO funny that our kids are the SAME age...

I just started to really think that my babies are going to be three soon..TOO!



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